You don’t have to wear a cape to be a hero….

  • Write a descriptive paper about a super hero. Must be at least 2 pages. You can either write about an existing hero or create your own.



The super hero that I choose to write about is name Delivery man. Back on his home planet people call him Miar.

Delivery man is from the planet Takeaway, which is smack dab in the middle of the Milky Way, with the two closest neighboring planets being Stankonia & Asgard. Takeaway is about the size of Earth’s moon, with little more than 4,000 inhabitants. Takeaway’s atmosphere & soil make the planet inhospitable for humans, because the average temperature of 42°C, which os too high for food and plants to grow. Since oxygen is the bi-product of photosynthesis, seeing that there are no plants the Takewayan’s adapted to the conditions of the planet & unlike humans, their respiratory systems are able to function on carbon dioxide, nitrogen, & oxygen.

Although the planet is devoid of food, plants, & oxygen their eco-system is bursting with water, mainly from regular rain storms. Takewayan’s have the ability to teleport themselves & other things anywhere. Takewayan’s use that ability to transport food & supplies on & off of the planet.

Takewayan’s travel to Earth to help with our food delivery system & give us a quarter of their water supply in exchange for unlimited high speed internet, Netflix, & Hulu for everyone on Takeaway including the workers they send to Earth. The Takewayan’s rotate 50 of their people to Earth every 20 years. Delivery man is different from the rest of his kind, he’s able to teleport faster than anyone & unlike other Takewayan’s he has more than one super power. Delivery man has hot hands, which is the power to instantly warm up food with his hands. He has special condiment generosity powers, which unlike humans allows him to give extra sauces and condiments for no extra charge with your food delivery. He’s able to sense inadequate delivery skills at thw aame time someone calls a restaurant anywhere in the world, which is how he chooses which jobs to take. Miar has tax rescinding powers that allow him to waive taxes from your order. Delivery man also has uniform mimicry powers, which allow him to mimic each restaurant’s uniform he delivers for.

When Miar decides to take a job, he wipes the memory of anyone that knows about the order except for him & the customer after the food is made. After Delivery man completes a delivery he teleports the money back to the restaurant. Delivery man’s kryptonite is stingy tip givers.

Miar works from 11am-4pm, after work he teleports back to his secluded cabin on a cliff in New Haven, Maine. He lives in seclusion because  humans would figure out about his powers if he lived among them. When Delivery man is off the clock, he spends most of his time watching Netflix & Hulu.

Delivery man helps hundreds of people everyday all over the world, without him we would suffer from sub-par delivery skills.

Short story….

  • Write a short story of a family dinner or of 3 friends that go camping every Saturday night. Resolve any conflicts that you start. Must be at least 2 pages.


We begin the story on a damp camping ground. Since it’s early in the winter season, there aren’t many campers on the grounds. Amongst the few campers there are three friends that are on a camping trip. Among the three friend is Darby, who is a part-time veterinarian, Derek is a life guard at a lagoon, and finally Stephanie who is a fashion designer. The three of them are surrounding a campfire & discussing the recent discovery that majority of today’s American food is causing serious health problems.
”Have you guys heard?? It turns out that most of the food we eat is made with insane amounts of sugar.”said Darby

”Yeah!” said Stephanie & Derek

“I read that on Facebook a few days ago. When I read that, I decided to look a bit deeper into it. i found out that most of the food we eat has lots of sugar and salt in it. Both can be as addictive as any drug.” said Stephanie

“I also read that processed and cured food is made with artificial sweetners, sodium, and many other things which, over time can lead to serious illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer.” said Derek

“Now it makes sense why it seems like a lot of the older generation is getting cancer.” said Darby

“Now that I think about it, we eat things that were previously thought to benign, like bacon or white bread everyday.”

”Even after hearing all of that, I still don’t plan on changing anything that I eat. I have been eating same things for years and the alternative of buying from a whole foods store is way too expensive.”said Derek

”I know what you mean, it seems like everything in a whole foods store costs twice as much than if I were to buy it at Walmart. It seems like the only option for most people is to buy the affordable junk instead of expensive, healthy food.”said Stephanie

”Well I would rather spend a little extra on healthier food, than on cancer treatments and other medical bills because I bought cheap junk. Besides, other than whole foods stores, we can buy from locally owned businesses which also happens to be a cheaper alternative to chain whole foods stores.”said Darby

”Taking all of this into consideration, I guess I’ll have to change up my diet drastically.”said Stephanie

”I see your point about the health risks, but considering I’ve been eating the same junk for a few decades now, I would think that it’s done irreversible damage to my health. Plus, let’s face it, it may be junk, but it’s also delicious. So I’ll keep eating my affordably, delicious, junk.”said Derek

”Yeah I’m with you Steph about changing what I eat, but for the duration of this trip I’ll take a Derek like approach to what I eat. Consider it to be my last hoorah for junk food.” said Darby

Flat Shachaamah

A few days ago, one of my mother’s friends sent her an assignment for me to participate and help her son Nasir with as a homework assignment. In Nasir’s second grade class at International Spanish Language Academy they have read a book entitled Flat Stanley, that coincides with an IB unit of inquiry called Mapamania. In the story, Stanley is flattened by a bulletin board, but not hurt. His parents send him in an envelope to visit relatives. Flat Nasir has now been sent to you. He is looking to visit and learn about your location. Below is what I responded to him….

Independence Square is where Ghana’s first President, Kwame Nkrumah, declared it’s independence from Britain.

Here I am at the beach in downtown Accra

Here I am at the beach in downtown Accra

Here I am at the beach in downtown Accra

Here I am at the beach in downtown Accra

I am at Independence Square – located near the beach and in downtown Accra. Ghana is tropical weather year round. The seasons are classified as wet and dry – no rain or raining a lot each day. Today Flat Nasir traveled with us on a trotro (bus) and we passed through traffic to get to Independence Square.

We were glad to host Flat Nasir on this trip.

Life in the shade of Fall;Part 2

  • Write a poem about the joys of fall. Must be at least one page.


Tis’ the season of falling,

some are joyous to watch,

and others,

not so much.

Such as leaves,


motivation to do homework,


As fall trickles in,

the air is filled with maple,


and a distinct wet musk,

that infuses with your clothes.

Fall kicks off,

lots of merry-ment and joy,

with hayrides,

hitching a ride on the back of a tractor to raid pumpkin patches,

searching for colossal pumpkins to turn into giant Jack o’ Lantern.

The perfect season for camping,

because of the dry weather,

and less bugs.

Instead of lounging around a pool,

or soaking up sun at the beach,

sit around a bonfire,

drink hot chocolate,

or apple cider,

and eat smores.

It’s beautiful to take a  hike,

and experience the beauty of fall first hand.

It’s the perfect time to take up a hobby,

like knitting,

or sewing.

You can break out the holiday decorations,

because fall,

is the season with the most holidays,

like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Fall or “pie season” as I like to call it,

in my opinion,

is the season for comfort food,

like home-made mac n cheese, meatloaf, and an array of pies.

The joys of fall are numerous,

from leaves falling with exuberant color,

to spending time with family during the holidays.

For me the best part of Fall is hands down the food.

I would be content,

with keeping my face in a plate of home-made mac n cheese,

fried okra,

and turkey, until spring!!

Life in the shade of Fall;Part 1

  • Write a poem that describes the fall season and the beauty of leaves turning and falling to someone that has never seen fall. Do not take anything for granted, include color, smell, sound, and feelings. Must be at least one page long.


Now’s the time for change,

the same trees,

adorned with leaves that have been a lustrous green for half of the year,

Are now bursting with sunny yellows,

brilliant oranges,

and red’s ranging from light red,

to the color of flaming hot cheetos.


The same leaves that you’ve come accustomed to during the year,

are now falling with one another,

waiting to be raked,

into what gradually creates,

big piles of colorful confetti to cannonball into.

Even the smell of the air changes.

the air shifts from,

the smoldering,

savory with Bar-B-Q,

and freedom from school air of summer,

to chilly,

sweet with desserts,

and clearance sales.

During fall,

even mundane things like sidewalks,

are transformed into paths of colorful collages,

by  multitudes of leaves.

As you walk along un-raked paths,

each leaf crunches beneath your feet.

Fall’s when you can finally,

break out the reserve,

of hot chocolate,

apple cider,

and gather around a fire,

or if you can’t make a fire,

then a barrage of space heaters,

would be fine too. 

Fall’s the cool down from summer,

but the warm up for winter.

Where you swap out the tank tops,

for an over-sized sweater.

The season of trek-ing out to the pumpkin patches,

to scope out a prospective Jack O’ lantern.

Most importantly,

fall’s the last hoorah,

before you’re forced,

to go full on Eskimo for the winter!!

My dream job….

Write 3 separate descriptive papers about your dream house, dream car, and dream job. Each paper must be at least one page each.

planeMy dream job is being a contract language interpreter. I would like to interpret Chinese, Russian, Italian, and Sign language for companies and businesses. Ideally would get a 1-2 year contract to translate exclusively for that company, they would pay me at least $65,000 per year, not including all business expenses that I incur, including business flights, visas, transportation, food, and accommodations while on business.

lazyI would only be required to work a maximum of 28-35 hours per week, with weekends off. I would be able to work overtime, but for an additional $300 per hour separate from my monthly salary of $5,416.80. If there is an office, I would only be required to go in for person to person interpreting, any written translation work would be done from my apartment.

moolaI would be able to choose whether or not I wanted to work on major American holidays. Concerning my birthday, I’d have the day before, of, and after my birthday off work. If I was to work any of those days, I would have a limit of 2-3 hours per day, and my overtime fee would double to $600 per hour.

businessEvery time my contract expires I would switch to another company in a different country. I would also have an extra 3 weeks of vacation time per year. Because my dream job pays at least $65,000 a year *not including including overtime* after I’ve payed my personal/survival expenses like rent, food, and other bills, I would have about $40,000 left from my yearly salary, $10,000 a year of which I would reserve to building my dream home. Leaving me around $30,000 for all of my frivolous affairs like personal travel, shopping, dream car/ care, and any other cockamamie stuff I think of, haha. The $30,000 is what I like to call my “circus money”.

My dream car….

  • Write 3 separate descriptive papers about your dream house, dream car, and dream job. Each paper must be at least one page each.

carMy dream car is a 2012-2013 Mustang two seater Boss 302 Laguna Seca. The body of my car would be black and dark purple with a black and purple pin stripe in the middle starting from the front grille stretching all the way back to the slightly raised black spoiler. My car has blindingly bright halogen tail and headlights with a mauve black frontal grille.

The wheels of my car are black accompanied by black rims that have a polished finish. Both doors of the car are purple, but the remaining side part of the car is black . The hood is purple with black pinstripes in the middle that start at the front bottom and end at bottom of the windshield. The roof is black with purple pinstripes starting from the top of the windshield that end at the top of the back windshield. The trunk has the same colors and design as the hood, but the pin stripes run through the spoiler and completely down the back of the car.The bumper of the car is black. Finally for the outside of the car the rear-view mirrors will be black complimented with custom purple ghost owls on each one.

lightsNow that I’ve finished with the exterior of the car, I’ll go straight to the interior. First, the dashboard, inside of the roof, and both doors are black. The interior handles on both doors are silver. The interior lights on the dashboard would be multi-colored alternating L.E.D. lights.

seatsThe seats of my car are purple with black trimming. Both head rests will have my first and last initials and the seat cushions will have the same ghostly owl insignia on them.

steering wheel

Finally, in contrast to the rest of the car, the steering wheel is a white 1967-1968 Chevelle wooden El Camino SS Grant.

Out of the entire car my two favorite things about the car are the custom owls throughout the car and the white SS Grant steering wheel.

Dream House….

Write 3 separate descriptive papers about your dream house, dream car, and dream job. Each paper must be at least one page each.

stair be likeMy dream home is a 2 story, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom quaint abode. When you first walk through the big oak front door with a huge peacock knocker and floor to ceiling stained glass windows on either side of it, you are greeted by the elegant staircase which leads to the second floor. The stair case has two sets of connected, long, winding, stairways that connect at the second level.

The banisters on the stairways are made of deep brown mahogany wood and the stairs themselves are either carpeted or made out of marble, I haven’t decided yet.

my living roomOnce you turn left leaving the entrance, you then enter the living room. The living room is bigger than the foyer. On the right of the room is a large sofa with matching recliners on either side it. In front of the seats and sofa is a long wooden coffee table. There is a big t.v. with speakers that surround the entire room. On the right of the t.v. is carnival style popcorn maker and on the other side of the t.v. is a hot chocolate maker.

arcade From the living room you make a right, which brings us to the entertainment room. The entertainment room is filled with a lot of my favorite games like skee-ball, a mini basketball game, and my favorite dance dance revolution.

table Back tracking through the house we have to pass through the living room and foyer again to reach the dining room on the opposite side of the house. The dining room has neutral and calming shades of tan and orange. The special thing about this room is the super long medieval style dining table in the center of the room. The table is about 30 ft. long with handmade carvings on the wood.

chairsThere are 10 matching chairs which surround the entire table and last  but not least is the matching 8ft. long table that holds condiments, drinks, empty dishes from the dinner table, things like that. Every piece of furniture is part of a  matching wooden set.

kitchenMoving on to the last room on the first floor, from the dining room walk past the long table, turn right, and enter the kitchen. The kitchen is spacious with multiple cooking appliances and an island in the middle of the room. The room is painted burnt orange and red. The closest appliance to the door is a microwave on the left of the room, next to it is a mini deep fryer, on the right of it is a state of the art electrical touch counter top stove, with a spacious oven right beneath it. Now we have reached the side directly facing the doorway, the fridge is closest to the oven  and stove, next to it is an enormous pizza oven. Last is the sink on the right of the room. The sink is surrounded by many cabinets full of spices, dishes, and utensils.

Now that I’ve covered the first floor, we move up the staircase back in the foyer and have a look at the second floor.

guestThe second floor  has a total of 6 rooms, there’s the guest room, painted dark purple and cream. There isn’t anything special about the guest room, other than it has a bathroom connected to it.

Next to the guest room is the laundry/linen room which is painted light blue and white. All of the rooms are on the right side of the second floor, on the left side at the last door is my room.

roomMy room is painted purple, black, and cream. My bedroom is twice the size of the guest room . My room has a big bed facing the closet.


The bathroom has dual sinks, a bathtub, built in sauna, and a rainfall shower.

closetStepping out of the bathroom, we move on to the walk in closet. The closet has a rack for all of my shoes, two spiraling racks which has most of my clothes on it, and finally large cabinets which holds all of my sweaters, coats, accessories, and jackets. The closet also has two floor to ceiling mirrors.

quietMoving on to the last room of the house, leaving my room and on the left , closer to the stairs is the “hush” room. In this room, I can read, sit in silence, and take a nap.

courtyardMy house sits on 4-6 acres of land. I have a pool for exercise when I get old, a garden that I grow some fruits and vegetables, but mainly flowers, I also have a courtyard in my back yard which leads to the pool. In addition to the pool and courtyard in my back yard, I also have my own private reserve of apple cider and hot chocolate.

ddrMy favorite part of the house is the entertainment room. What can I say, I love Dance dance revolution!!

I’m passionate about….

  • Write a persuasive paper about anything you are passionate about. All persuasive papers need an intro that states the main point, introduces the story, and a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a sentence declaring the point you want to make. The body of the paper must include at least 3 additional paragraphs. Each paragraph must support 1 of 3 basic supporting ideas and have at least 3 sentences support you idea in that paragraph, have a summary point listing points above, re-emphasizes thesis statement. Must be five paragraphs, with no less than 3 sentences per paragraph….

Ni hao, wo de mingzi shi Shach. Privet, meenya za voot Shach. I am passionate about learning languages. This paper is about how I am passionate about languages and the reasons why.

haha One of the languages I’m passionate about learning is Chinese. I have been learning Chinese for a few years now. I have visited China  twice in the past 2 years. The last time I was in China I was able to ride the bus and move around the city daily using only Chinese.

studyMajority of the time I learn Chinese by memorizing  how to read, write, and say a few words everyday. Once every other week I create a test for myself by reviewing all of the words that I have learned since the last test.

 moiuOn my first trip to China, I went with a group of teenagers to volunteer with pandas. Amongst the group there was a girl who I became good friends with that was Russian. I have had a few Russian lessons and have studied a bit on my own. My Russian friend inspired me to start learning Russian.

mylifeLater on I would like to learn Italian and Sign Language. I would like to learn Italian because I think that it would be a nice place to live someday and I really like Italian food!!

mmexport1432058608025When I was younger I was pretty good at Sign language, so in a few years I would like to re-start learning. I hope to be completely fluent and able to translate all four languages by the time I’m 25!!

Dumbo’s cousins at the Ringling Bros circus are free at last…. (or at least in 2018)

The Ringling Bros. have announced that they will no longer use elephants in their shows. After many years of criticism from numerous animal rights groups and concerned circus goers about their methods of training the animals, Ringling Bros. have finally cave in and decided to remove elephants from their shows in 2018.


In the performances Asian elephants are used. Elephants are the Earth’s largest animal, the Asian elephant is slightly smaller than it’s African cousin. Asian elephants can be identified by their smaller, rounded ears. Elephants are fond of water and enjoy showering by sucking water into their trunks and spraying it all over themselves. An elephants trunk has many functions. It is used for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking and also for grabbing things. Their trunks contain about 10,000 different muscles. Elephants trunks are made of a very lucrative item called ivory. Ivory is so valuable that countless elephants have been killed, thus endangering their species. Although ivory hunting has been banned, there are still poachers that hunt and sell the tusks. Asian elephants have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years. They have also been iconic staples in circus entertainment for decades.


The Ringling Bros. started off as 5 brothers, out of a family of 7 children. Charles, John, Albert, and Otto created the Ringling Bros. circus in 1884, in Baraboo, Wisconsin. They traveled from state to state slowly growing their brand and popularity in the U.S. In 1907, they bought out their biggest competitor Barnum & Bailey and in 1919 merged the two circuses and became the largest circus of it’s time in the U.S.


In the shows many different animals are used like dogs, horses, monkeys, and tigers. Ringling Bros. also participate in many breeding programs for animals like siberian tigers and elephants.

Although they seem to care about the animals and their well being, I think that by participating in breeding programs the circus can portray themselves as caring, sympathetic benfactors and at the same time have a steady supply fresh elephants.

There have been many reports and lawsuits against Ringling Bros. that their animal handlers beat many of the animals as a part of their “training”. Mainly the wild animals are beaten like tigers, camels, horses, and are beaten until they bleed for messing up tricks.


Dozens of organizations rallied to aid the elephants to try and get the circus to stop the abuse inflicted on the animals. For years Ringling Bros. and animal rights groups have been fighting over whether or not the elephants should be retired from performing in the circus. Even some of the former employees of the circus have quit their jobs and joined up with groups like P.E.T.A  to make people aware of the abuse that goes on with the animals behind closed doors. Many people are now boycotting the circus because of the abuse.

After many years of protesting and battling, Ringling Bros. have announced that the will be removing elephants completely from their shows and retiring 13 elephants to an animal sanctuary in central Florida by 2018.

I think that all of the animals that are abused by the Ringling handlers should be retired and sent to sanctuaries or released back into the wild. Although many people have said that you can’t have a circus without animals, I don’t think that is true at all.  Cirque du Soleil has proved many people wrong now that it has become the most popular circus in the world and they only perform their shows with people.

Although their are still many animals that need to be freed from cruel training in the Ringling Bros. circus, I am glad that at least the elephants get to take a long overdue and well deserved permanent vacation from performing.